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Storm Front by Susan May Warren

Storm Front by Susan May Warren

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After a total of 48 hours, Brette Arnold had fallen so hard for Ty Remington that she knew there was no way she could drag him through this with her, so she knew her only option was to run, but when a tornado decimates a small town, she's suddenly thrown back into a world that includes the gallant hero that can't seem to stop trying to save her.

Eighteen months and Ty still can't get Brette off his mind. It was painfully obvious that she must not have the same problem since she hightailed it away from him as fast as her feet could carry her. When his mentor and boss at PEAK rescue goes missing, he finds himself face to face with the woman he can't get over wondering what on earth happened to the beautiful optimist that won his heart.

If you're looking for a heart-pounding adventure, get your hands on this book. It's an exhilarating story of hope in the bleakest moments.


Characters depth and development is just one of Susan May Warren's many specialties. If you've already read the rest of the series, you already love Ty and we're on your way to loving Brette before she ran off, but even new readers can pick up this book and almost immediately connect deeply with both characters. The thing I love most about Warren's books is that both of the main characters evolve for the better throughout the story. The sub-story between Ben and Kacey plays perfectly into the plot and offers more insight into their characters.

I feel so bad for Ty when he calls himself a wannabe. Both Ty and Brette have no idea how strong they are. They've both been beaten down by life's struggles and are living in defeat. Older characters always play a crucial role in speaking into the lives of their younger counterparts, and the wisdom imbued in Warren's more mature characters is absolutely staggering. Their sagacity always proves life-changing for all those it touches (including the readers).

Ty never ceases to do crazy things to my heart, and Brette's struggle legitimately had me on tears multiple times, especially during a moment she shares with Kacey. If you enjoy getting so invested in characters that you're yelling at them throughout the book, this one is definitely for you.

Lastly, I feel a Marshall family series coming on and I can't wait for it. Love Jonas and Ned and the way they weave into this and the Montana Fire series.

My Character Inspirations

Matthew Goode as Ty Remington
Jennifer Lawrence as Brette Arnold


You can't go wrong with a story-line that chases storms, but this book in particular will keep you on your toes throughout. From the action scenes to the romantic payoffs, it's put together in a way that will make you never want to stop reading. Not only does the main story keep your attention, but I can't breathe after that epilogue! Not cool, Susie!


Mercy Falls, Montana. Duck Lake, Minnesota. Chester, Minnesota. Oklahoma. Kansas. Pretty much anywhere in Tornado Alley. Scene descriptions are on point, from the picturesque to the unfathomable wreckage done by storms.


Warren remains the master of her craft. The integration of character development and dynamics with brilliant, deep spiritual themes never ceases to astound me. I've yet to find another author who can create such unique and endearing characters.


There are a few good themes sprinkled throughout this book, but the most prevalent by far is the dynamic between hope and despair. Characters face extreme trials, some that many of us will never have to go through, but they can choose to hope in the midst of their suffering, or let despair take over. In this uplifting piece of the Montana Rescue series, you get to see the triumph of hope and the amazing impact that it has.


"She gave a high-pitched laugh. Because no, she wasn't zealous. He simply had no idea that she had nothing left but the storm."

"The old Brette would have looked beyond the storm to the sunshine, found the hope between the thunderheads. Now, she belonged to the storm. To the chaos and destruction and howling winds. It would only destroy her to embrace some kind of fragile hope, or lean into a future that might never be."

"He wore a T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and hiking boots and looked every inch the guy who could save the day. Keep the storms from destroying her world."

"I know you feel decimated, but don't let your circumstances tell you who God is. Let who God is tell you how to deal with your circumstances."

"Oh, how she despised the weak, desperate, hollow person she'd become. Her body betrayed her, slowing for his voice."

"Yes, grace was terrifying when you knew just how much you don't deserve it."

"As long as we think we're enough, God can do nothing for us. We enter into salvation through the door of destitution."

"That's what love does - it goes into the storm to rescue, or protect, or just to stick around and share in the suffering."

My Thoughts

Really, there's not much more to be said after all of those book quotes. I normally don't use quite that many, but I just couldn't make myself eliminate any of them. I know that you'll enjoy this book and the great encouraging message behind it. If any of you are struggling right now, remember that God is definitely a come-as-you-are God, and that Jesus loves you enough to be constantly interceding on your behalf.

Hope this post finds you at the right time with the right words. God bless.

"Lord, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will prepare their heart; You will cause Your ear to hear, to do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, that the man of the earth may oppress no more." 
Psalms 10:17-18

"From the end of the earth I will cry out to You, When my heart is overwhelmed;Lead me to the rock that is higher than I." 
Psalms 61:2


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