Monday, January 8, 2018

First Book Review: If Ever I Would Leave You

I love new years.

They're all about a fresh start and resolutions to be the person you want to be. In honor of the new year, my blog is undergoing a few changes and I'm really excited to be transitioning into book reviews. Hi, my name is Tiffany and I'm a bibliophile. True to my moniker, I have progressed past trashy, modern fiction, and found a serious love of Christian/Inspirational Romance as well as other books that encourage me to become the person God has created me to be (I can use all the encouragement I can get, still being a SUPER flawed individual). TheModestMillennial is about more than just reading decent, edifying literature, however. It is also something that I will continue to strive for, having a natural bent toward pride. Thankfully, God loves me where I am and is willing to work on me, transforming me to become more and more like Him as I submit myself.

So, I thought I'd kick things off with a review of a book by my favorite author Susan May Warren. This e-book is a prequel to her Montana Rescue Series and is available for free on her website and through Amazon, so go get a copy as soon as you can!

If Ever I Would Leave You (Montana Rescue #0.5)If Ever I Would Leave You by Susan May Warren
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, after finishing all the existing books in this series last year, I had to revisit them in honor of the release of Troubled Waters (Jan 2, 2018).

If you can't picture the perfect Tall Dark & Handsome, just read Susie's description of Ian Shaw *insert swoon here*. His dark past keeps threatening to overtake him - resurrected by his niece's actions - but the one hope he has to hold on to is beautiful, kind, faithful Sierra Rose. This short introduction to the saga that is Ian and Sierra is the perfect combination of suspense, steamy moments, and faith-building conversations, encouraging you to deepen your understanding of how God can love us and give us good things when we feel anything but worthy.

This novella is the perfect length and pace to get you swept away in the Montana Rescue series, and since it's FREE through Amazon and Susan May Warren's website, there has never been a better time to catch a glimpse of this gifts with which God has abundantly blessed this writer. (I will warn you that once you start this book, you will be budgeting your time and your money for more of Susie's captivating stories). Go get your copy now and get lost - and maybe found - in the adventures of this amazing PEAK Search and Rescue team.


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