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One Thing I Know by Kara Isaac

One Thing I Know by Kara Isaac

Release Date: February 12, 2019

A fantastic clean romance about forgiveness and truth, and finding your way through it all. You will fall in love with the characters -- your heart will break with their struggles and your pulse will race with their passion. This is a new(ish) release you will definitely want to get your hands on.

Dr. Donna Somerville has been doling out the best romantic advice for almost a decade, but little do her fans know that Dr. Donna is a false fa├žade, the heart of which is actually young Rachel Somers.

When she's at the end of her rope, Rachel is forced to team up with the unexpected, and much to his dismay and distaste, romantic advisor Lucas Grant. As their relationship grows, Lucas and Rachel are forced to confront the lies and ghosts of their past, but when everything comes to light, can they find a way through the betrayal and pain?


Rachel and Lucas are such deep characters. I absolutely love Rachel's backstory, and the struggles she faces everyday in the battle between living an authentic life and trying to recover from and make up for her past mistakes. She's caught in a web that she can't seem to find a way out of, and her situation is so common, if not on the same scale that she deals with. Lucas ranks high on my list of great contemporary romantic heroes. Fighting to become his own man, not the one he feels is always chasing him - the ghost of his father's mistakes, he seems to keep getting pulled away from the simple but challenging dream of becoming a sports talk show host. His struggle to find who he is and God's purpose for his life creates a character that you can't help but love.

My Character Inspirations

Josephine Skrivers as Rachel Somers
Billy Miller as Lucas Grant


The story pacing is wonderful, although the biggest hook or problem is presented right away, there are enough twists and turns in the plot to keep hold of your interest. The romantic build up is simply magnificent. I can't get enough of Kara Isaac's wonderful ability to create tension (good and bad) between characters and finally release it in the culmination of beautiful, sometimes steamy interludes. This one was hard for me to put down because the flow of the story is just so effortless, each scene and situation pulling you right into the next.


Contemporary - The story centers around Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado along with Madison, Wisconsin, but also includes various stops on a tour around the nation. Most of the book takes place during the summertime, making it a great read in anticipation of some glorious sunshine or during the cooler months when you're longing for a taste of summer fun.

I have to include a small shout-out here to C SPRINGS!!! It was SO fun reading a book that's not only set in my state, but actually has some great scenes that take place just a few miles from my home. :) 


Third person narrative. Multiple points of view.

Kara has an interesting way of making social statements subtly and with tact. I love her uncompromising views that are stated in love and truth. I love love love this author's ability to describe scenery, feelings, people, and environments. Magical metaphors and stunning similes add to the vivid imagery in her writing, making it tangible and full.

I kept cracking up at some word usages. Americans don't use the word "properly" in the same capacity as New Zealanders. I'm sure that the use of the word is toned down via edits throughout this book, but it is still a significant departure from everyday American-speak. Also, some common phases apparently translate a little differently, breaking up the otherwise cohesive and easy flow of conversation, but it truly makes the characters and the writer that much more endearing.

The characters have both a spiritual and emotional arch that brings a great dynamic to the individuals, and a beautiful depth to the story.


The value of truth and of forgiveness. Both characters struggle with the desire for truth in direct opposition with maintaining the essentials of everyday life. They have to learn the value of integrity and to depend on something outside of themselves to meet their needs.


"Miss Somers." His whispered voice crept down her neck and danced down her spine. "Don't make me bring out my secret weapon."
She fought to stop herself from turning to look at him. "Mr. Grant, I'm just a humble lunch guest trying to help clean up. There's no need for weapons here." Another glass in the rack. Hopefully he wouldn't notice it shaking just a little.
"Well, you can't say I didn't warn you." Against her will, her gaze skidded up. Two hooded eyes and lilting lips. He slid the top rack away and kicked the door up with his foot. Oh dear.

A lone tear meandered down her cheek. "And I will probably never understand why God let him fall. Or not make him land any other way. But I know that when nothing makes sense and life is as hard as it's ever been, God is even more present in the middle of all the brokenness. Because Jesus changes everything."

"Faith is a lot like love. It's a big, scary leap that requires you to hold nothing back, throw yourself off the precipice and believe you'll be caught."

"All I know is the woman I met that day, she was sweet and funny and genuine, and I'd bet the ranch it wasn't an act. And she really liked my brother. And he had a pretty big thing for her too. Sometimes things really are that uncomplicated; everything else is just baggage."

My Thoughts

Weird to think that it's almost been a year since my last post. The last ten months have been busy, and I've loved every minute, but my priorities had to shift for me to really be able to enjoy the life God has blessed me with during this season. I had the privilege of getting to see my little sister get married last June and that spiraled into a lot of other summer fun - finally taking the time to enjoy where my kiddos are at with park dates, board games, and hanging out with friends. We were able to take a family trip to see my husband's family in Minnesota. I'd never been there before and he hasn't been in many years. When school rolled around, I was able to volunteer and help out in Zoe's classroom. The holidays were crazy, but I loved getting to see our friends and family without the stress of maintaining a blog or any social presence. Oh, that reminds me that I haven't been on Facebook since basically last summer, and that's been AMAZING - it's incredible what a time-suck that is, and usually a downer. We've been able to do some snowboarding this winter (I FINALLY got it!!!! I can successfully make it down a slope without looking like a complete idiot) and have been rock climbing for a few weeks now - when it's not snowing. Oh, the perks of living in central Colorado...

Anyways, I've missed blogging, but I'm trying to be better with managing my time, putting my books down to play with my kids or spend time with my hubby. So, here I am, committing to minimal posts and trying to get the word out about the new books in the Christian Fiction market (mostly romance and suspense). If you follow my reviews on Goodreads, I'll have some short reviews of other books I'm reading, but they won't be as comprehensive as I try to be here.

Have you ever been through seasons you didn't expect, having to make adjustments to either cope with or get the most out of where you were? What has your favorite season of life been so far? I'm really enjoying this flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants time, but I'm also looking forward to a little more stability. Hopefully next school year *fingers crossed*.

As always, I'm praying for all of my readers that God reveals Himself in new and amazing ways in your life and you fall deeper in love with our wonderful Savior.


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