Monday, April 16, 2018

Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade

Ever feel emotionally overwhelmed? Yeah, me too. It's funny how when I'm going through it, I often feel alone in my depression and suffering, but almost as soon as I'm out the other side, I remember that pretty much every woman ever has experienced an emotional overload. My favorite example is from the movie Mom's Night Out where the main character is "stress paralyzed", but I even found a kindred spirit in the main character of today's review.

In my case, when I get knocked down emotionally or psychologically, I tend to drop everything good and productive that I'm doing because I seem to think these activities are responsible for the drain, which in turn leaves me feeling unproductive (who woulda thunk?) and completely depletes my self-worth - and explains my month-long absence from the blog world. My "triggers" for this awesome behavior range wide and vary greatly, but most recently the straw that broke the camels proverbial back was a disappointing read that had me swearing off fiction for good (thank goodness that didn't take).

The problem with all of that nonsense is that whenever I get that emotionally attached to a book (or person, idea, feeling, etc.) is that I forget where my value and satisfaction is really found. I'm still trying to recover from my most recent descent into the dark side, but I'm making myself start my day with a small quiet time, work on scripture memorization, and am limiting my audio input to worship-only music. Since I already struggle with self-discipline, you can just imagine how great I'm doing at all of this, but even when I fail, I'm working on recovering my focus as quickly as possible.

I hope you'll be encouraged today to keep your chin up and remember where your worth and fulfillment come from.

All my love.


Undeniably Yours (Porter Family, #1)Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The thing I hate about authors who are fairly new to the scene? I scarf down all their material entirely too fast. The good news is that I love reading their wonderful stories just as much the second and third times as I do the first. Becky Wade has created a masterpiece with the Porter family that I can't help coming back to. She does a great job of really drawing you into the story, even giving you a soundtrack to the characters' thoughts and feelings.

Meg, an heiress feeling overwhelmed with the enormity of what she's facing in the wake of her father's death, is forced to make some hard decisions on how to run his empire. Unfortunately, that puts the delectably endearing Bo Porter in her cross-hairs. The result is magical.

I love Meg! She's so fragile and spunky at the same time. Her thought processes will have you control-breathing through her anxiety and laughing out loud at her sublime quirkiness, especially when she translates her unspoken conversations with Bo and Silver Leaf.

Bo is honorable and respectful, but also determined. I love the masculinity if his character and his need to be the protector, making him tender toward Meg, rather than just being a hyper sensitive male.

Even the supporting characters are incredibly well done, giving a well-rounded cast that you want to get to know better. Amber is a perfect compliment to Meg, and their relationship brings added depth to both, uncovering strengths and struggle that make them more dynamic. I adore Brimm in all of his quirky un-Texan-ness. He's a character I'd love to read more about.

Finally, I'm predisposed to dislike any book where a divorce plays into the plot in a positive it supportive manor (hence the loss of a star) but Becky handles the situation well, making it something that the character had virtually no say in, and is ultimately used for a great story of redemption.

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